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Our delicious, Italian-Style Hotdog sauce has been bringing joy to Southern Ohio since the 1920's. The story of Remo's began in The Grand Cafe when the chef of the restaurant owned by Astolfo "Shorty" Rocchi, an immigrant straight from Bagni di Luca, Italy, fell sick and could not come in to work one day. Shorty was forced to call in his wife, Lilia Rocchi, and fork over chef duties to her. She quickly put the sauce together and it became a staple on The Grand Cafe menu.


In 1957, Shorty's son, Remo, opened up the Topsy Turvy, starting as a carry-out. Because of slow sales, he added the famous sauce to the menu and soon after that, the tail wagged the dog, as Remo would put it. Needless to say, the Italian-style hotdog sauce was a hit and the carryout faded away as the sauce took center stage. Remo, his wife, Helen, and their daughter, Charlene, worked their buns off until 2008.


In 2009, the weiner torch was passed on to Remo's son, Rob Rocchi, and the adventure continues on. . .


Have a seat at the bar, try our delicious Italian-style hotdog sauce and enjoy the conversation and fun that comes along with it.

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